? Creative Tech Textile Co., Ltd. established and headquartered in Tainan, Taiwan in 2010. We’re specialized in functional woven, knit fabric, and insulation manufacture with Bluesign certificate.

? With the environmentally friendly mindset as our development concept, we design the fabric to be not only sustainable but also functional, practical and innovative. Here comes the Seawool? and Smawarm? sustainable recycled material!

Seawool? Functional Yarn
Wisdom From The Ocean

? In Taiwan the oyster farming has existed for more than 300 years. The oyster goes through one- year, day and night careful cultivation, then becomes the delicacy on our dinning table.

? However, the discarded oyster shells are in huge volume and difficult to dispose. Oyster shells are piling aside the road of the village, now polluting our beautiful environment.

? We spent years turning the oyster shells into functional material for textile! Seawool? functional yarn is made from recycled polyester and discarded oyster shells, providing the fabric better hand feel and multi-functions.

Smawarm? Sustainable Insulation
Inspiration From Polar Bears

? Polar bear’s hair structure is an excellent example of the insulation. We study the hair structure and refine it to better version to be Smawarm? insulation.

? Smawarm? insulation provides more spaces to store the heat for better keeping warm, and oyster shell’s natural low conductivity enhances the warmth-to-weight ratio. You will have a new wearing experience with Smawarm?!